Please call at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time
to cancel or reschedule. A fifty percent charge will be assessed for
cancellations made later than one full day before, except in the case
of emergency or fever/sudden illness. No-shows will be charged the 

full amount of the session. Thank you for honoring your appointments.

Five minutes late - please don’t stress. Life happens. If you’ll be
more than five minutes late, just call or text me to let me know
you’re on the way so I don’t wonder if you forgot. If you are more
than fifteen minutes late, I’ll need to cut the session short or
reschedule. If I do not hear from you within fifteen minutes of the
start time, it will be counted as a no-show and you will be charged
the full amount. 


Cash,  checks and credit cards are accepted. Payment is due at time

of service, or can be made in advance. Make checks payable to Linda Sack.


Many people ask if tips are customary. In the United States, it
is customary to tip massage therapists like your hair stylist or
servers, 10-20%. Tips are not required, but are certainly appreciated.


As a licensed massage therapist, I am entrusted with the safety and
comfort of each client. Safety and respect for professional boundaries
are critical to a healing environment. I guard those boundaries
carefully and hold to the highest standards to preserve the comfort
and security of my clients. This means that any suggestive or
inappropriate sexual remarks will result in immediate termination of
the massage session, with payment of the full session required. The
Cottage Massage studio is protected as a place of absolute safety
and respect. This is standard practice for licensed therapists. 

Thank you for your effort to respect these policies. I really do appreciate it.